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In an early scene, a timid, naive bikini-clad woman named Linda (Susan Bernard, Playboy's December 1966 Playmate) was drugged, kidnapped and taken hostage-captive after witnessing the karate-chopping (to the neck), back-crunching, spine-cracking murder of her cleancut racer boyfriend Tommy (Ray Barlow) by Varla after he raced against her (and the others) at the salt flats race track and challenged her to a fight after she cheated.

Don't really like it that much."The Prince vainly proposed marriage to her, but after her return to London, she broke her sleazy association with Miles and decided to accept the Prince's marriage proposal. Friedman, now split from Herschell Gordon Lewis) was deliberately made to counter the "nudie-cutie" films of the time - with some nudity, but mostly added violence and griminess. And then surprisingly, she surrendered: "Don't stop," and kissed him as the camera panned upwards before they had sex.

We own you body and soul, to do with as we like, when we like.

And you're gonna be here for a long, long time, maybe forever.

She found her loveless married life in the villa affluent, but utterly boring and frustrating - she walked through the many rooms to her bedroom, stripping as she went (viewed nude from the backside), and unhappily threw herself on her bed. It was reportedly based on a true story - about two wealthy, immoral, spoiled, and hedonistic men, Carl Walker, Jr. In the opening credits sequence while cruising in their convertible, they picked up four sex partners/dates and spent the day at the beach. In only a few moments, she had become his loving girlfriend, and afterwards, they continued to get together for sex.

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While lying on a towel, the misogynistic Walker asserted to Jim: "When are you gonna learn that females have but one function in life, to give men pleasure? There's only one thing in this whole crummy, square-infested life that counts. The two were introduced to young, naive yet sexy blonde Los Angeles newcomer (from Minnesota) and aspiring actress/model Jane Collins (Swedish actress Mai Jansson) by their creepy apartment manager Mrs. To satiate their cravings for kicks during a "scouting trip," the two first spied on Jane as she undressed and took a bubble bath in her apartment."Juliet learned that her husband of 15 years, Giorgio (Mario Pisu), was committing adultery with a fashion model mistress.